Our culture is confused. Like the unsettled parents of a budding Glee fanatic, we’re anxious over unanswered—and unasked—questions about sexuality and gender. Pregnant men and Megan Fox alike entrance the world with their surreal takes on gender, simultaneously amplifying and deconstructing old values. This roller coaster of gender and sexuality propels us on a dizzying ride, and none of us is safe from its turbulence. Feminist soccer moms, straight boys for Gaga, and rifle-wielding army gays are all implicated through the lens of MASC.

MASC Project is a multidisciplinary and multimedia project that interrogates the fetish of masculinity in queer culture. It incorporates film, art, new media and essay, and draws from the fields of cirtical theory, social work, psychology and anthropology. Such work will be featured on the MASC website, providing a home for content and a forum for discussion. We want to foster dialogue across the board and are seeking the contributions of everyone from visual artists to YouTube commenters, radical faeries, butch dykes and everyday people. We encourage anyone who wishes to help to contact us.

Are One Direction Redefining Masculinity? ↘

The British boy band One Direction, who recently topped the U.S. charts, are a pop sensation who have eschewed such forms of masculinity. These young men’s gentle tactility and open displays of emotion are part of what has made them so famous. As a Sunday Times journalist who interviewed them wrote, “They tousled each other’s hair and jostled and caressed one another like a bunch of frolicking puppies.”  What’s more, homophobia couldn’t be further from their lips, as they thank their army of gay fans and perform at gay venues such as London’s G-A-Y.

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